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What Is Guidestar??

GuideStar is a database that houses information about nonprofits for the public to peruse when evaluating the mission and effectiveness of nonprofits.  There are 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations and Thousands of faith-based nonprofits within this list. To find KVB, Click on the button below and type in our EIN# in the search bar.  82-3613484 


WE Are Transparent In Every Way

Each and every KVB member is a Patriot, Veteran, Active Duty Military, Reservist, or National Guardsman.

 We have our financial information listed on GuideStar for all to see. 

 We have all the situations or needs we have assisted with listed on our site see; 'About Us' in the Menu tab above.

 All deeds can be verified by several entities in the various counties we have provided service in.

 We pride ourselves in that there is nothing to hide. Nothing to fear in our actions. We leave behind good will and  patriotism wherever we go.  

Semper Fidelis


Be the Person Who Changes a Life for the Better

 Join Kentucky Veterans Brigade in assisting veterans and their families.