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Kentucky Veterans Brigade 'Good Deeds' List

  • Here you will find a list showing all the issues, situations, assistance, events, & support functions KVB has been involved in since our inception in December 2017.


Our Brochure



Mission Statement

Kentucky     Veterans Brigade (KVB) 501 (c) (3) unites civilian patriots with local veterans to bring honor, stability, and support to those veterans who are in need.


Restoring Hope, Honor, and  Stability to the Lives of Our Veterans


Our Organization

Kentucky Veterans Brigade (KVB) is a 501 (C)(3) organization comprised of reservist, civilian patriots, and veterans     working together to improve the lives of our veterans and their families,

KVB was organized to: promote physical, mental, and social Stability via     professionals, Support to our veterans and their families and insure that the highest of Honor is bestowed upon our Veterans.

KVB partners with community organizations. nonprofits, and businesses that specialize and are professionals in their fields. Our organization does not duplicate services already available but will attempt to fill in any gaps in service that involve our veterans and their families.


“Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country”

George Washington



prides itself for being a 100% VOLUNTEER comprised organization of reservists, civilian patriots, and veterans.

Our Services

KVB provides the following services for veterans:

1. Grocery Delivery for Veteran Families

2. Veteran family enrichment programs

3. Homeless Veteran Emergency Response

KVB partners with other nonprofits and businesses to provide the following services:

1. Free gym memberships for veterans through Lift for the 22

2. Veteran health improvement programs via the local VA and fitness facilities

3. Support of veteran honor guards 

NOTE: KVB will modify services or add new services as     veteran needs are ever changing.


OurFuture Leaders

KVB prides itself in supporting the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, and ROTC programs. These organizations are developing our Future Leaders.

Our Monthly Meetings

KVB’s   monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 4:30 PM.   The meeting location is:

Cambridge   Market and Cafe

830   Fairview Ave

Unit 4B

Bowling Green, KY 42101

Contact Us

Kentucky Veterans Brigade

399 Sha Ro Ley Ln
Morgantown, KY 42261

https://kyveteransbrigade.org/ or

KentuckyVeteransBrigade@gmail.com  or

https://www.facebook.com/kentuckyveteransbrigade/  or

Pres. Bob Wilson 

‘Gunny’  270.999.3693


Help Us Help Veterans

Your continued support will help us help veterans. Please consider any amount.  As no donation is too small. Semper Fidelis

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

KVB Presents the Runway Project

WHAT IS the Runway Project?


 The Runway Project is a Pin Up Model Competition and Fashion Show. 

All Models Male or Female must dress in the 40s - 50s - 60s Pin Up or era correct  attire.

WHERE IS the Runway Project?

La Gala  Downtown on 

601 State St,  

Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101

Check out our Airport

WHEN IS the Runway Project?


All the swinging action will be held on Thursday, July 25th, 2019

 From 12 noon (for set up, registration and site prep).

From 4pm till 10pm the doors will open to the public. The competition will start at 5pm. We will close promptly at 10.

But Wait There's More


All participants are eligible to be in our Pin Up/Veteran spotlight calendar. Each month will have a show winner along with a local veteran.


With your help  Kentucky Veterans brigade will be able to continually assist our local veterans. It is certainly the patriots of our community that makes helping our veterans possible.




Why are we having this fundraiser? We here at KVB strive to better assist the veterans in our area. We have proudly served over 100 veterans in the last year alone. With your help we will be able to continue!

The Runway Project Entry Fee is under construction..

Your fee can be paid here via Paypal (Please add the $3.50 surcharge). Or pay by check or money order mailed to KVB po box 394 Morgantown KY 42261


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The 'Runway Project' Registration Form

Files coming soon.

Find KVB in Guidestar

What Is Guidestar??

What is  GuideStar?
  See Below.

GuideStar is a database that houses information about nonprofits for the public to peruse when evaluating the mission and effectiveness of nonprofits.  There are 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations and Thousands of faith-based nonprofits within this list. To find KVB, Click on the button below and type in our EIN# in the search bar.  82-3613484 

Find KVB Here GuideStar

WE Are Transparent In Every Way


Each and every KVB member is a Patriot, Veteran, Active Duty Military, Reservist, or National Guardsman.

 We have our financial information listed on GuideStar for all to see. 

 We have all the situations or needs we have assisted with listed on our page see; 'Keeping You Up To Date' above.

 All deeds can be verified by several entities in the various counties we have provided service in.

 We pride ourselves in that there is nothing to hide. Nothing to fear in our actions. We leave behind good will and  patriotism wherever we go.  

Semper Fidelis

Be the Person Who Changes a Life for the Better


 Join Kentucky Veterans Brigade in assisting veterans and their families.

We Service the Barren River Area & Beyond

Kentucky Veterans Brigade is Dedicated to our Veterans

We are a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to assisting the veteran population in the following counties in Kentucky. 

1. Warren

2. Butler

3. Edmonson

4. Hart

5. Logan

6. Allen

7. Simpson

8. Barren

9. Metcalfe

10. Monroe

11. Grayson

12. Ohio

As we expand we will be adding more areas of service. We hope to be state wide in just a few years. However, we do not wish to duplicate any service provided by an already established entity. That being said we will do what we can for any and all Veterans in Kentucky.


1. Who or What is KVB?

We are a group of veterans, patriots, reservist, and active duty personnel, who have a passion for our country's fighting men & woman. We believe we all need a helping hand every now and then even our country's finest. 

So KVB was born.

2. How can one contact KVB?

One can contact us in the following ways:

a. Email: kentuckyveteransbrigade@gmail.com

b. Facebook: 

Kentucky Veterans Brigade Community Outreach

c. This page: last section below.

d. Phone:  Gunny @ 270.999.3693

3. Who can request assistance from KVB?

Any veteran who has a DD-214 & a picture ID.

The dd-214 must be readable and verifiable.

Note: Verification may be performed by a third party such as:

a.  Community Action of Southern Kentucky (http://www.casoky.org/).

b. The VA CBOC (https://www.tennesseevalley.va.gov/locations/Bowling_Green.asp).

c. Other Veteran centered organizations that we partner with.

4. How can one help or get involved? 

a. Donate

b. Volunteer

c. Spread the word

d. Support our functions & events

e. Sell tickets to our events

f. Help set up for events

g. Assist in delivery or pick up of donations

h. And many, many more options to fit your lifestyle.



Call Your Brothers Call Your Sisters.

Call this Crisis Line 



text 838255

text 741741

KVB's Mission Statement



Kentucky Veterans Brigade unites civilian patriots with local veterans to bring honor, stability, and support to those veterans who are in need.

Kentucky Veterans and Patriots Helping Kentucky Veterans and Families


We partner with local businesses, other veteran organizations, churches, and individuals in order to assist as many vets as possible. Such as:

Lift for the 22, National Gym Program

Total Fitness Connection, Local

Gym Program

Smith Grove Baptist Church, Food & Supplies Pantry

Jackson Chiropractic, Sponsor

Lil Stevies Pizza, Food Pantry

Pizza Zone, Donation drop off and 

T-shirt sales

Morgantown, City Hall, Food Pantry

Veterans Support and Assistance Office of South Central KY (Glasgow)

We can insert your business/name here. Contact us if you're willing to support our  veterans.


Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events.

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

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Better yet, come see us in person!

We love our Vets and our Volunteers so feel free to contact us at any time for a meeting or to just hangout.


Kentucky Veterans Brigade

PO BOX 394. Morgantown KY 42261

Gunny (270) 999*3693


If at any time there is a veteran in urgent need. 

Call the numbers above.



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